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A  Jewel   For  The  New  Generation  Trade  And  Business

The Centre has three large Exhibition Halls and a Convention Centre. The three Exhibition Halls extend over 10,560 square meters of air conditioned space, without any intermittent pillars or columns. They can be utilized for exhibitions, conference, conventions, product launches, and for conducting trade, commerce and other industry - related events. Halls 1 and 2 are interlinked by a large lobby which has a passage with two rooms for the organisers. Hall 3 is connected with a vestibule that leads to the Convention Centre’s Banquet Hall. All the Exhibition Halls and Convention Centre are interconnected.

The Trade Centre is architecturally and technically designed to be a "state-of-the-art" Exhibition Complex. The Air – Conditioned halls with no intermittent pillars or columns, are eminently suitable for multi-purpose use of organizing exhibitions, conferences, conventions and conducting other trade, commerce and industry-related events. All the halls are inter-linked and Hall No. 3 is connected with convention centre.