Organizer of the fairs/Exhibitions has to adhere to the following controls and guidelines while designing the layout of the Exhibition / Fair.
INSPECTION OF THE HALLS: The Organizers/designers of the Exhibition are advised to inspect the Halls booked by them for their Exhibition and make note of the existing condition, columns and services, i.e., Fire equipment, Main distribution boards, service channels. Tapping points for electricity.
ENTRY, EXIT, SERVICE ENTRY, EMERGENCY EXIT: To be checked at site as well as on the drawings and their width and height may please be noted. These entry and exit points would determine the movement of public and services in the overall layout design.
The layout design and construction should ensure no damage to the Halls. i.e., no tampering and damage to the Floors, Ceiling, Walls, RCC columns, etc.,
Clear access to main distribution board, emergency exits, stair-cases, toilets, etc. Direct access has to be left while preparing the layout design for the above mentioned service and enough space in front of the Main Distribution Board to allow convenient opening of the door panels.
HANGING FROM WALLS, RCC COLUMNS & CEILING OF THE HALLS: These are generally not permitted. However, light textiles and hangings could be permitted after prior approval of the same.
NAME BOARD SHOWING THE NAME OF THE EXHIBITION: Fixed positions have been determined where name boards of the Exhibitions could be fixed / painted for the participants (if the board is not available). This may please be seen during inspection of the hall.
PROVISION OF SNACK BAR / RESTAURANT: Could be permitted at the designated site on terms mutually agreed upon by TNTPO and the organizers.
CLEANINGOFTHE HALLS: Arrangements for cleaning of hall to be made by the Organizers and Toilet cleaning by TNTPO at extra cost.
REQUIREMENT & REQUISITION FOR SERVICES: Organizers are requested to indicate overall requirements of Electric power, Water Supply, Drainage, Compressed air, etc., well in advance in writing so that necessary arrangements for those services which are not available in the hall could be made as per requirements of the Organizers at their own cost. TNTPO would be charging connection charges for connecting electrical networks done by the organizers to the available electrical tapping/power point.
PREPARTION OF LAYOUT DESIGN: Organizers are requested to get their layout design prepared, keeping in view the above and the following guidelines.

i. Minimum width of the public passage should not be less than 3 m.

ii. The height of partition panels for the stands may be such that it allows maximum depth of vision to the public by introduction of more openness to the stand, creating glazed areas or providing low partition / low display panels (1.2 m heights) along with public passages.

iii. The stand requiring special service such as compressed air, water supply, drainage etc., which are not available in the halls could be located on the periphery along with walls of the halls, so that the same could be supplied with required service from the peripheries itself. In case it becomes necessary to supply these services in the central areas of the halls, proper ramps should be provided over the cables/pipes of such services passing through passages.
STAND CONSTRUCTION: Should. be such that it stands independent from walls, RCC column etc., No hanging from the ceiling should be undertaken without prior permission of TNTPO.
LIGHTING :General lighting is available in the halls while proper lighting of exhibits passages are to be made by the organizers. Use of halogen should be avoided as it generates heat and may result in fire.
STAND – BYGENERATORS& EMERGENCY LIGHT: Provision of stand by generators for general lighting and stall lighting has been made by TNTPO.
FIRE EXTINGUISHERS: Fire safety measures in the form of Fire Alarms, sprinklers and Fire Hydrants have been provided in halls. However fire extinguishers are to be provided by the organizers within the halls, which should be directly visible and easily accessible. Use of fire service personnel may be undertaken by the organizers, if so required.
FIRST – AID / MEDICAL FACILITIES: Provision of First – Aid booth and medical facilities including Ambulance service should be made in the overall layout and arrangements have to be made by organizers.
Organizers will be required to submit layout plan of the Exhibition / Fair to the TNTPO for ensuring compliance to the Architectural Guidelines.
INSURANCE: The fire safety precautions, security and comprehensive insurance against all risks, for the exhibits/exhibition/exhibitors/organizers including but not limited to any natural calamity/water leakage etc. During entire licence period shall be carried out by the organizer at his own costs. TNTPO shall, in no way be responsible for any claims whatsoever. It is advised to take insurance cover for public liability and fire risks. Similarly the exhibitors may be advised to take insurance cover for their exhibits against fire, water, handling, transport and other risks.
PARKING FACILITIES: Parking facilities have been provided in Chennai Trade Centre for the convenience of the visitors, exhibitors etc. No parking fee has to charged for these facilities. TNTPO is not responsible for the safety of the vehicles. However on request, TNTPO may provide man power for regulating the Vehicular Traffic within the CTC campus on chargeable basis.
SECURITY: The TNTPO provides general security to the Chennai Trade Centre complex. The Exhibition organizers are advised to hire the services of Security Agencies approved by Chennai Police for providing security inside the halls/stalls, The participants desirous of engaging security personnel may be advised to take the services of such approved Security Agencies only. The TNTPO will not be responsible for Agencies hired by the Exhibition organizers and Stall allottee.