Any international event is required to have approval of Department of Commerce, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India or ITPO as per the prevalent norms of Government of India.
Use of facilities including exhibition halls would be restricted to trade & commerce and industry related activities. However, facilities could be permitted to be used for cultural activities / fashion show. These shall not be utilized for activities related to religion and politics.
Validity of the offer by TNTPO is 10 days from the date of issue. Acceptance of the offer letter received without payment as per the schedule given in Clause 4 will not be treated as acceptance. In case, acceptance and advance payment is not received even after 2 weeks of the issue of offer letter, the offer will be treated as withdrawn and the offered space will be considered available for licensing out to other fair organizers.
Payment schedule for all dues shall be as follows:
Licence Fee
a) Licence Fee:

5% of the total licence fee as booking amount.

5% of the total licence fee 12 months before the event.

20% six months before the event

20% three months before the event

Rest 50%, fifteen days before the event.

In case of withdrawal / cancellation / pre-ponement / post-ponement/change in dates partial or full de-reserving of the Space / Licence Period, Surrender charges shall be imposed as per policy.

5. If any event / exhibition is cancelled / postponed and not conduct within the same financial year (i.e) on or before 31st March, the advance shall be forfeited by TNTPO without prior intimation.

b. The (Air-Conditioning, Stand Lighting and Power) load charges shall be extra as per our approved tariff applicable at the time of the exhibition. Currently, charges for these services per working day (for a maximum during of ten hours per day) are as below.

i.) Air - Conditioning

Air - Conditioning will be provided and charged for complete hall, However, if the event organizer has booked half of the hall or less, a partition wall up to the ceiling has to be put by the organizer at his cost and the air-conditioning will be provided and charged.

ii.) Stand Lighting:

Stand Lighting will be charged for 60% of the gross area or built –up area, whichever is higher, @ Rs. 13/- per sq.mtr. per day.

Change the rate Rs.13 to Rs.20 per day

iii.) Power Consumption and Connection charges:

Power connection charges are Rs. 150/- per KW and Power consumption charges are Rs. 100/- per KW / day.

a) All Payment to TNTPO are to be made by Demand Draft drawn in favour of Tamilnadu Trade Promotion Organization payable at Chennai. Cheques will not be accepted.

b) The rates and charges quoted by TNTPO either through any Rate List or correspondence are subject revision at any time without prior notice besides the annual revision at the beginning of each financial year i.e., w.e.f. 1st April every year.

Surrender of Space / Postponement / Cancellation
6. Surrender of Space / Postponement / Cancellation

The organizer is permitted to surrender 10% of the total space booked for any event without imposition of penalty (this option of surrender can be exercised only once). The penalty for surrendering space beyond 10% of the total space booked for any event would be calculated as follows:

Notice Period Penalty Rates
(As % of Licence Fee)
  Non peak period (April to June) Peak period (July to March)
More than 365 days 2% 3%
271-365 days 5% 7.5%
181-270 days 10% 15%
91-180 days 20% 30%
1-90 days 30% 45%

However, the organisers will be permitted to reschedule their events one time, if such a request is made well ahead of 6 months prior to the events date and that 50% of the license fee should have been paid by the organiser. There should not be any shortfall in the originally requested tenancy area, and if there is any shortfall, then penalty will be levied.
7. A copy of the architectural control and guidelines, for using the halls of TNTPO at Chennai Trade Centre is enclosed for strict compliance. Architectural layout plans for the exhibition space are required to be submitted to TNTPO for approval at least one month before the date possession of the halls, exhibition space. Modification as suggested by the Competent Authority should be strictly complied to or else. TNTPO has the authority to pull down/seal the stalls, which violate the laid down stipulations. Non –submission of layout plans will entail penalty of Rs. 1 Lakh. The layout plan of the fair should give proper passages of a minimum width of meters. The gates/exit points should have free and clear access.

Service desired and their management
8. Service desired and their management:

a) Organizers must inform TNTPO about the various services required such as air-conditioning, stand lighting, temporary power load, hall general lighting, protocol room, buntings, directional sign boards, fire extinguishers, walkie talkies etc., well in advance i.e., minimum one month from the date of the exhibition. The services are provided subject to their actual availability and their being in working condition. A proforma relating to electrical services viz. Air – conditioning, Lighting and Power load requirement for Exhibition Halls, Conference Halls and any other exhibition space may be sent to as 30 days before the start of the event. (format is on website)

b) The organizers may erect stand – alone structures adjacent to the Halls for putting up boards and hoardings. Under no circumstance the board façade or hoardings should be mounted form the roof or wall of the halls. A fine of Rs. 10,000/- will be imposed for violations of this clause,

c) Display of banners, buntings, hoardings etc., without the prior approval of TNTPO, shall also be liable for imposition of penalty and / or removal of such material. The approved charges are payable by the organizers to TNTPO for putting up flag poles, banners, buntings hoardings etc.,

At all the entrance to Chennai Trade Centre, organizers are free to display the names of their exhibition by hanging cloth banners only with prior permission from TNTPO. It may be noted that wooden boards are not permitted either on the walls or on these locations. Violation leads to either impose penalty and / or remove the material.

Security and Protocol
9. Security and Protocol arrangements:

a) The TNTPO provides general security to the Chennai Trade Centre complex. The exhibition organizers are advised to hire the services of Security Agencies approved by Chennai Police for providing security inside the halls/stalls. The participants desirous of engaging security personnel may be advised to take the services of such approved Security agencies only. The TNTPO will not responsible for any act of omission and commission by the Security Agencies hired by the Exhibition organizers and Stall allottee.

b) The fire safety precautions, security and comprehensive insurance against all risks, for the exhibits / exhibition /exhibitors/ organizers including but not limited to any natural calamity/water leakage etc., during entire licence period shall be carried out by organizer's own cost TNTPO shall, in no way, be responsible for any claims whatsoever, organizer's are advised to take insurance cover for public liability and fire risks. Similarly the exhibitors may be advised to take insurance cover for their exhibits against fire, water, handling, transport and other risks.

c) The organizers are required to keep fire safety equipment, emergency lighting etc., in the exhibition halls to avoid any mishap. Cooking is not allowed in Chennai Trade Centre/Exhibition halls. Due care of hygienics and sanitation have to be maintained in and around Exhibition halls of Chennai Trade Centre.

d) The organizers shall indemnify TNTPO from any claims from their exhibitors, contractors, service providers and others arising out of any account/reason.

e) Maintenance of decorum and decency in Chennai Trade Centre: Chennai Trade Centre is an international trade fair complex. The Complex is visited by a large number of business visitors and general public. Keeping in view the dignity and decorum of the complex and the business nature of the events, it is essential that the participants and the hostesses and guides employed by the exhibition organizers and participants should be decently dressed and well mannered. Any violation will be viewed seriously and the concerned stalls will be closed – down.

f) The organizer should inform TNTPO well in advance about VVIPs' visits to the exhibition co-ordinate the protocol arrangements.

Possession of space and movement of exhibits
10. Possession of space and movement of exhibits:

a) The TNTPO will handover possession of the halls only on receiving payments against all dues by Demand draft, TNTPO will not be held responsible for any inconvenience caused due to non-settlement of dues. The hall(s) shall be handled over to the organizer on "as is where is" condition. The possession of the space/halls shall be taken by an authorized representative, (the name and signature of whom should be conveyed in writing to TNTPO at least 15 days in advance). The hall(s) shall be handed over to the organizer considering one day tenancy as of 24 hours starting at 9.00 a.m. The halls will have to be handed back to TNTPO at 9.00 a.m. on the next day after the end of the licence period. If any excess space be utilized, additional licence fee shall be payable by the organizer before leaving Chennai Trade Centre after the event. The representative has to sign/witness the records/registers maintained by Engineering Division of TNTPO while handing / taking over of halls and operation of the air-conditioning / air-handling unit(s). Non-compliance of these timings and approved licence period may attract penalty as deemed fit by TNTPO.

b) Movement of all exhibition materials/goods could be done strictly between 10.00 p.m. to 9.00 a.m. Gate pass of the material shall the issued only after getting clearance from the marketing or finance department

c) The organizers have to clear TNTPO's dues before the conclusion of the exhibition, failing which the exhibiton materials would not be allowed to be taken out of Chennai Trade Centre.

Entertainment Tax
11. Entertainment Tax:

Incase the event involves on activity which has entertainment tax liability, it is necessary to obtain a No Objection Certificate from Entertainment Tax Department, Chennai.

Empanelled Clearing and Handling Agents
12. Empaneled clearing and Handling Agents:

All the third party fair organizers are required to use the services of Empaneled Clearing and Handling Agency.

Rights of TNTPO
13. Rights of TNTPO:

a). Organizers are required to settle outstanding dues, if any, for the fairs/events held by them in past at Chennai Trade Centre. In case of the organizer's failure to settle these dues, amounts paid/ to be paid for this fair will be adjusted in these accounts.

b). The TNTPO reserves the right to cancel, withdraw or change the halls in the event of unforeseen / unavoidable circumstances or for non-compliance of payment schedule.

Entry through Tickets
14. Entry through Tickets:

c). Organizer should hand over entire tickets to be sold to the TNTPO Office and obtain the TNTPO seal on each and every ticket. The organizer shall arrange for their own man power to sell the tickets. Everyday ticket collection should be remitted to the TNTPO office along with counter foils. The organizer has to share 50% of the ticket value with TNTPO.