Wi-Fi Service

Wi-Fi Service

Wired & Wireless Internet Services in CTC

M/s.Pulse Telesystems Pvt. Ltd

Are the sole official providers of wired & Wireless internet service in CTC no other Service provider is permitted to provide such service in CTC.

Organizers/Exhibitors interested in obtaining wired or wireless internet services are advised to contact M/s. Pulse Telesystems Pvt Ltd, directly, for further details:

Christopher Julius.

Pulse Telesystems Pvt. Ltd,
Pulse Province,
No. 11/9, Sterling Road 3rd Cross Street, Nungambakkam,
Chennai – 600 034.

Mob:95000 63949
Tel:044 – 4345 5050 , 4000 1800
E-Mail:christopher@pulse.in, | sales@pulse.in, | usha@pulse.in

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